1. To empower each other, to have unity among us in order to build better spiritual value of disabled persons and to solve various facing problems by means of group activities.
  2. To develop the independent living life-style of disabled persons by raising abilities and rights of us.
  3. To reveal, solve and remove all of barriers that could be impeded inclusion of disabled people within society.
  4. To obtain full participation in all of community sectors by accepting our competence.
  5. To implement disability related actions, projects and other enterprises which are aimed to develop all disabled fields led by disabled persons ourselves.
  6. To cooperate with other organizations in order to develop educational, social, health and economic conditions of disabled persons.
  7. To promote the leading role of self-help groups of disabled persons in Myanmar.



After “Capacity Building for Self-Help Organization of PWDs” training conducted by Asia Pacific development Center on Disability (APCD) in Bangkok, Thailand, two disabled trainees shared their training experiences to other disabled at AAR (Japan) on 11th November 2003. At that sharing, all of participants who are disabled agreed that there should be formed a Self-help group of disabled people in Myanmar, so that we established immediately a SHG of disabled persons after that sharing. The name, RPDG was nominated at the first annual meeting of our group which was held on Oct-30, 2004. the more meaning full name, Disabled People’s Development Organization, DPDO was changed by monthly meeting held on 29th November, 2008. On 27th June, 2009, the 1st DPDO Office was opened.



  • Campaign on development of SHG role and organize as well as establish new SHG in vicinity of Yangon and Delta Region
  • Arrange group excursions to promote public awareness on disability issue
  • Introduce Social model of disability and responsible for peer counseling
  • Make some handicrafts and run a hair styling shop of group own for fund raising
  • Share education on nutrition in the community
  • Refer and arrange on assistant devices for needed disabled persons
  • Participate in social and sport activities
  • Publish Group Pamphlet, group newsletters
  • Send some members to local and abroad capacity development training by the support of partner organizations
  • Implement rehabilitation programs for Nargis affected disabled by funding of some organizations
  • Implement micro credit program for those group members who want to run their small business
  • Support information and take into account the current problems to peer individuals and groups as much as possible



  • To build up a good network among SHGs of disabled persons and to cooperate together
  • To continue implementations by all possible ways which are directly related to the development of disabled population
  • To contribute widespread disability approaches and barrier free environment concepts in the community
  • To establish a group enterprise led by disabled aimed to create our best job opportunities
  • To advocate and actively participate in all movements led to our equalization of opportunities
  • To exhort and coordinate for inclusion and benefit of disabled people in every development process
  • To always keep great effort for the sustainability, qualitative measure and widespread of all current activities.